Hand-drawn illustrations by Lindsay Douglas.

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Dimboola Freight
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Dimboola Freight

As an architect I am in a fortunate position of travelling to rural towns for work. I love the story of the town, how it has developed and how it is evolving. The work we do in those towns feels very important in the life of the town creating buildings which help the community.

I have been travelling to Dimboola in recent times for a project we have been working on and I always enjoy walking and driving the streets. It is a really nice change to break up walking the streets around my home.

The silos dominate the backdrop to the town they are visible from where ever you go and I was looking to capture that when I came across the grain hoppers beside the silos. I loved the detail and perspective. While I am still looking to capture houses with the silos as the backdrop I think this captured more emotion around the town.


Dimboola, Victoria, Australia


March 1, 2019