Hand-drawn illustrations by Lindsay Douglas.

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Douglas Parade 01
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Douglas Parade 01

I am drawn to edges, that is the edge of a house and where two houses meet and edges of our suburbs. I find this is the dynamic area, we can control the design of a home on our property but start to lose control where one house meets another which creates a lot of interest for an observer of our suburbs.

In this case I am interested in the edge of our suburb which is interesting for the same reasons. I drive past this administration building most days and really like it but have no idea of its purpose.

It is a building associated with a refinery and I like the architectural style it was a well-designed building. In terms of the drawing I like the composition of the building and the power lines with the Westgate Bridge in the background. If you like we have oil, electricity and roads all essential elements of our suburbs.

This is a recurring theme for me, I like the dynamic at the edges of our suburbs, where industry and infrastructure meet our suburban fringe. The refinery administration building is a good example of industrial buildings built to look good and serve a purpose. I enjoy the lines created by the power lines leading into the bridge beyond.


July 16, 2019