Hand-drawn illustrations by Lindsay Douglas.

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Nelson Heights
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Nelson Heights

Given our economy and our relative wealth of our society I am so disappointed we are grappling with public housing, there should be no excuse for having people homeless in our suburbs.

A lot of thought and effort has gone into public housing over the years and since this model we have improved integration into communities.

While the first priority needs to be getting people off the street the next is dealing with people respectfully. This building sits in a predominantly two storey area so it automatically sets up resentment for the building and highlights it and its residents.

Like a lot of things in our suburbs things which I struggle with are a rich source of inspiration for my imagination and creativity. I honestly don’t like this building but I spend a lot of time drawing in it as it has featured in a number of drawings now.

I love the perspective lines created when you stand under it and look up, I set up the image so you don’t see the edges of the building to give an increased sense of scale.

Signs fascinate me and I pulled in a sign from out the front because it makes a pertinent focal point to the picture.


July 15, 2019