Hand-drawn illustrations by Lindsay Douglas.

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Nelson Place 01
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Nelson Place 01

These are two Victorian shops built at different times, the centre of the image is to highlight the relationship of the two buildings. They stop abruptly with shear walls and an awkward gap between.

There are examples further down the street where this access way becomes an arch or a doorway with building over. In this case a gap like this is likened to a missing tooth in a smile.

While the buildings are built at different times it is possible to design so elements match and create a more unified streetscape.

This is where I love and hate things, I am very conflicted which is why I draw them and get them out of my system. One of the buildings in particular was renovated in a very unsympathetic manner, with a very small portico, solid door, mosaic tiles, aluminium windows etc. Part of me thinks this is incredibly inappropriate for a Victorian building but the other part loves that you can date these renovations to a particular point in time and here is a building showing us its story.


July 15, 2019