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Lindsay Douglas

Lindsay lives in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne finding it a rich source of inspiration, both as an architect and as an artist.

He finds great satisfaction in running his architectural practice Dig Design and the opportunity it opens up for him to balance his interests in art, design and the built environment.


As an architect Lindsay has an in depth awareness of the role he plays in shaping suburban form, both as built environment professional and as member of his community.

With over 20 years in architecture, his love of putting pen to paper has never waned, and he continues to use this medium to capture and record his observations of the human influence and impact on the built form.


Through his artwork Lindsay is looking to promote discussion around good design and the suburban mediocrity … highlighting the beauty and the value of good design within our uniquely Australian suburban lives.


Founding Dig Design in 2002, Lindsay has forged a very successful career in architecture.  He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, former president of the Building Designers Association of Victoria (now Design Matters National) and former president of the National Association of Building Designers.